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Hours of work now in minutes, know how Airtel 5G Plus is bringing change

The format of the Internet is rapidly evolving, and 5G services are being enthusiastically embraced by many in the country. Airtel 5G Plus, which is available in 500 cities across India, has provided high-speed internet connectivity to cities of all sizes.

Airtel launched its 5G Plus service in October 2022, and Bharti Airtel, the country’s leading telecommunications service provider, has now surpassed one crore of unique 5G users on its network. Today, Airtel 5G Plus is available in nearly all states of India and has become the leading brand in the country, offering internet speeds up to 30 times faster than other service providers and 4G networks.

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From college students to entrepreneurs and local gamers, all are now benefitting from the high-speed network provided by Airtel 5G Plus. In this regard, some users have shared their experiences with us about using Airtel 5G Plus.

Cloud gaming services are enabling gamers to access and play online video games without downloading games to their devices. Thanks to improved technology, 5G has a significant advantage over its predecessors.

Mrigank Medhi, a resident of Guwahati, Assam, who is a professional gamer and a long-time Airtel user, shared his experience using Airtel 5G Plus. “For cloud gaming to work properly, it needs a fast, stable, and low-latency network. I get all of this with Airtel 5G Plus. Previously, the biggest issue was with download and upload speeds. Moreover, while live streaming outside the home, the video quality would automatically reduce.”

Mrigank further explained, “Since the introduction of Airtel 5G Plus, there has been a significant change in download speed. With speeds of 200-300 MBPS, downloads can now be done in a short amount of time. Live streaming has also significantly improved after the arrival of Airtel 5G Plus.

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Even outside the house, we get Wi-Fi-like speeds. Additionally, people in Guwahati have greatly benefitted from Airtel 5G Plus, as they can now download their favorite content from anywhere in less time.”

Airtel 5G Plus offers on-the-go connectivity and unlimited data, allowing people to do things the way they want. With Airtel Now, all users can now benefit from internet speeds up to 30 times faster than before.

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