Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro comes with a touchscreen display, with a unique design

Apple AirPods may soon see a major upgrade. The company is about to make a major change in the Airpods Pro, which includes support for the in-built touchscreen feature and display in the charging case. According to the patent filed in September 2022, this information has come out. According to the information found in the patent, apps like media controls, maps, weather, and notifications can be accessed with the display.

Will get built-in Display

After Apple’s new change, users can control their songs from outside. In the new version, you will get to see the display in the charging case. The display also includes playback controls, music information, and music forward and backward.

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According to the information found in the patent, changes can also be made to the graphical user interface along with the user’s interactive user interface in Airpods. That is, with the display, users will be able to interact with apps like Apple Music, Apple TV +, Maps, etc. Let us know that in September 2022, the company submitted a patent for the Apple AirPods Pro case with the display.

Charging information will be available in the case

With the display found in Apple Airpods, the charging case itself will help the user in getting information. The user will be able to get information from the charging of the case to the haptics signal. According to the patent, users will be able to access the GUI with finger gestures on gestures. Also, Apple Pencil can be used to talk.

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