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[Top 5+] Best TVs Under 1 Lakh in India (2023)

Are you looking for a high-quality TV that fits your budget and is also loaded up with the latest technology as well as design? If yes, then look nowhere as we have covered all your requirements and made a list of the best TVs under 1 lakh (~Rs 1,00,000) in India.

It’s true that even after the introduction of a lot of new entertainment sources in the market, TV is still on the top and that is why we selected only those TVs whose viewing experience and range will leave you amazed. The below-mentioned options have an easy user interface, quick responsive remote control, effortless navigation, and most importantly exceptional picture quality. What all a buyer demands, right?

So, to witness colorful visuals, powerful sound, high-tech features, and sleek design all you need is to read the entire article patiently and then decide which one suits you the most. Now, without further delay, let’s start!

These best TVs under 1 lakh in India will enhance your mood for sure and to see their first glimpse, kindly go through this table which is filled with basic details including name and price. Let’s begin then!

Best TV Under 1 Lakh

S. No.TVs NameScreen SizePricing Details
1. Samsung 4K QLED TV55-InchesCheck here
2. LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV48-inchesCheck here
3. TOSHIBA 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED65-inchesCheck here
4. Samsung The Frame Series55-inchesCheck here
5 Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED65-inchesCheck here
Best TVs Under 1 Lakh in India (2023)

Now, it’s high time to look at various TVs that gives access to different viewing modes, connectivity options, immersive sound, and vivid picture quality. So, without wasting a single minute, let’s dive in!

5. Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q60AAKLXL

Samsung 4K QLED TV

Check Current Price

This Samsung TV has a wide 55 inches screen which is loaded with various features to make your viewing experience ace. It has a QLED screen with Quantum Dot Technology that gives balance, billions of colors, and detailing in the visuals.

Apart from this, it also has backlight technology in it which make the TV look innovative and the content bolder and more surreal. Its Quantum HDR feature represents more powerful, shiny, and vibrant visuals that fulfill all the standards.

It gives 4k resolution to the content you see on the screen as well as its processor makes sure to sync up the sound as per the video’s demand. A video is nothing without the appropriate beat of audio and for this, it has a virtual top channel that gives 3D-like surround sound that makes the user experience as similar as theater.

For a better vibe and coordination with soundbars, it has Q Symphony which adds charm to the listening experience. Not only this but to also make the video look real and hit a beat in the viewer, it has Adaptive sound that optimizes the audio accordingly.

Furthermore, if you are a gamer or love to play then this TV has something for you too that is auto low latency mode which makes your gaming more enthusiastic by removing all the motion blur and lag. It also has a motion Xcelerator that eradicates streaks from the action scenes and increases the frame rate which enriches the performance.

Furthermore, with this TV you have access to a super ultrawide game view and game bar that allows you to customization HDR, screen ratio, FPS, and so on. We can consider or use it as a PC as well because of the high-tech functions that it offers.

Talking about its design then it is super sleek and slim which enhances the walls or background look by the minute it is installed there. For more control over the TV, it also has multiple voice assistants like Alexa, Bixby, and OK Google that respond back instantly and make usage effortless.

It also gets connected instantly with other additional devices as it supports mobile, IoT, and other similar gadgets too. Lastly, by the use of its One Remote, you can enjoy your watching time hustle-free. In total, it is a deal to seal and have in your place to make you feel entertained always.

4. LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 48A2PSA

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Check Current Price

This LG TV has 48 inches screen that is quite big and displays every inch of the visuals beautifully. It has a self-lit OLED panel that enhances the glow of content without making it look dull or low. Because of this, the pixels pop up independently and make every element contrast in such a way that nothing looks odd.

The panel makes you see the most clear, sharp, and detailed content. Furthermore, to increase the performance and depth of field, it has an alpha 7 Gen AI processor which makes sure to make the visuals look real and authentic. This powerful processor also features dynamic tone mapping that focuses on the subject and deals with it HDR, sharpness, and contrast.

Not only this, but its AI picture pro eliminates the subject from the noisy background and makes sure you only see what you want. Apart from this, when we looked at the sound section then we found that it has 5.1.2 surround sound that gives a wider soundstage as well as clear and audible audio that feels like you are living the visual for real.

For providing ease of use to the buyer it also has a My Profile section in it that make switching, surfing, and streaming quicker and effortless. Even it also has ThinQ AI technology in it that provides smart assistance and faster connectivity as it supports Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Apple Home Kit, and Apple AirPlay as well.

Talking about its appearance then it comes with a gallery stand which makes the TV look like a canvas and catches the attention of each individual who enters your place. Plus, the entire panel is super sleek and stylish which is up to the mark for fulfilling the design expectations.

To make your view time feel like cinema, it has Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atom collaboration which give an extraordinary experience. Pouring limelight on the entertainment which plays a major role then it has tons of options for streaming including Disnep+, Netflix, prime video, and more that give you an ample number of options to binge.

But what about gaming? So, for this too, it has awesome features like auto low latency mode, HGiG, and eARC too that offer you powerful gameplay without any disappointments. It also has a game optimizer and dashboard for customizing details according to your game or sequences. Overall, with a one-year warranty and unlimited smart features, it proved itself to be an ideal TV under 1 lakh in India.

3. TOSHIBA 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED Google TV 65M550LP


Check Current Price

This Toshiba TV has 65 inches of display which are huge enough to get the vibe of a mini theater. It has Quantum Dot technology which throws billions of colors into the visuals to make them look vibrant, appealing, and real.

Talking about the power and capability of the TV then it has REGZA Engine 4K pro that makes the working smooth, high-quality and adds a beat to your excitement. Furthermore, when it comes to clarity and crispness of the content then it has a 4k resolution panel that makes sure every minute detail is visible to the viewer.

Not only this but it also has HDR 10+ which deals with the brightness and contrast of the visuals o that nothing looks dull. To make your image on the screen look more realistic, it has Dolby Vision which enhances the color accuracy to the next level.

Behind the screen, it has a full array of local dimming technology which makes the dark and light colors look different so that the contrast remains maintained. Above all this, it also has high peak brightness that level up colors and exposure of the elements.

Furthermore, it also has a 4k brilliance restoration and AI picture optimizer that represents the content in the most balanced and intelligent way possible. Talking about gaming, then it has various modes including gaming mode that supports MEMC and gives ultimate motion by eliminating all the noise and motion blur.

This mode has auto-low latency mode and variable refresh rate that minimize lag, shaking, and jitter while using. Gaming is nothing without powerful audio and for this, it has REGZA power audio pro and Dolby Atoms together that give immersive sound quality which makes you feel like you are living the scene.

It has a powerful bass woofer with a 2.1 channel that gives a strong sound system for adding charm to the experience. To own your TV or personalize it as per your usage, it has Google TV that shows you only what you want to see. Because of this, you have access to google assistant, Chromecast built-in, and a watchlist so that your streaming become sorted.

Not only this, but you also get the wings to use far-field voice control so that you can get your work done by just giving voice commands in your remote. Another amazing feature of this TV is that it has multiple connectivity options that make pairing easy and quick.

Lastly when we talk about the design then it is completely designed in Japan and has a very slim and bezel-less design that makes it look stunning. In total, a TV with iCare Low Blue Light that cut downs all the harmful blue rays is all a buyer demands these days. So, grab it now if you want to have a smart gadget in your room that brings entertainment to the house.

2. Samsung The Frame 4K Smart QLED TV QA55LS03BAKLXL

Samsung The Frame 55-inch tv

Check Current Price

This broad 55 inches Samsung TV has everything that can make your watching experience surreal and more enthusiastic. This TV itself looks like a photo frame and blends perfectly with any background. It has an entire matte display which allows you to witness the textures and minute details of the content on screen.

This TV just simply adds a charm to any place and makes that look more authentic. Its unique feature is that it has Art mode which you turn on when you are not streaming anything so that you can have a look at your selected gallery anytime just like a photo hanging on the wall.

Not only this, but it also has an Art store feature in it that gives you access to billions of art pieces so that you can choose photographs as per your mood and decor. Apart from this, you can even customize the bezel by changing them with different colors and design options so that each time you get a new frame and new vibe, you need to buy them separately.

Now moving forward to the picture-quality then it has 100% color volume and Quantum Dot technology that gives appropriate brightness along with billions of colors on the screen that glow up the visuals. On the other hand, it also has a Quantum processor 4K that makes sure you get premium audio and video which has zero disappointments.

Moreover, it also has EyeComfort View that optimizes the picture as per the environment and mainly brings changes in brightness as well as color contrast so that your eyes do not suffer from pressure. One of the best features is that it has brightness sensor technology pre-loaded in it which automatically manages the exposure and colors of the content so that they look real.

Now it’s high time to have the limelight on gaming features so it has a wide game view that offers extra viewing area to enhance your user experience. Plus, this TV has auto-low latency mode and faster frame transition that makes the action sequences smooth and clear.

Talking about the sound then it has adaptive sound+ and Q symphony that give crystal-clear audio which properly synchronizes with visuals as well as soundbars for more powerful experiences. Above all this, you can use this TV as your PC as well by just connecting your mouse and keyboard to it.

For more control and customization over the ease of use of TV, it has voice-assistant too including OK Google, Bixby, and Alexa too that give quick responses to your commands. Moving forward, SmartThings in your phone can help you mirror it on the TV and have a better experience of operating mobile on TV with just one tap.

This one tap allows you to pair mobile and TV in just one second. For streaming and binge watching it has SmartHub which has a huge collection of movies, series, and shows so that you do not have to go through a puzzling menu or waste time.

In this TV you get access to various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more. Lastly, this TV also offers no screen burn-in warranty so that you never compromise your entertainment and picture quality. Overall, it is a good TV to spice up your life in a more smart way.

1. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV KD-65X74K

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED tv

Check Current Price

This TV is an awesome option for all entertainment, game, and power lovers because it has all those features that give the best experience to the viewers. It is basically 65 inches wide panel with all the smart technologies available in it.

It has a 4K X1 processor pre-loaded in it which handles all the working of audio and video as well as provides the best output. This processor boosts performance and eliminates all the noise. Talking about the color quality then it has 4K HDR technology in it that highlights the color contrast and make the content look real.

Furthermore, because of Live Color technology, you can see more bright, colorful, and vivid visuals that make you live the scene. The 4K X-Reality pro upscales the content quality or resolution so that it looks more clear, more crisper, and more appealing.

And for action lovers, it has Motionflow XR100 that eliminates motion blur and provides smooth moving sequences. Talking about the sound performance then it has open baffle speakers which work ideally for providing low-end and crisp sound.

The speakers have 20W of power and are co-supported by Dolby Audio which gives immersive sound. Not only this, but it also has clear phase technology in it that makes sure that whatever you listen to is clear, real, and audible which makes you feel like living that moment.

This is an entire Google TV which means you get access to Google Assistant, Chromecast, and other Google suites. These features allow you to stream various content as well as have proper command over the working just by your voice.

Furthermore, because of Chromecast, you can see your mobile content on a bigger screen with more entertainment and excitement. The plus factor is that you also have control over content as it has parental control option as well which allows you to set time limits, content, bedtime, etc. Lastly, it also has X protection pro which gives a shield to your TV.

Conclusion: Best TV Under 1 Lakh in India

With this, we came to the end of this article where we discussed various best TVs under 1 lakh in India. The options have impressive build quality, awesome features, and affordable prices that make them stand out of the crowd.

So, if you want your place to look smarter and be smarter then you must choose one of them for sure or without any double thoughts in mind. The features and models of each of them are different which gives you more aspects to compare and decide.

Even after all this, if you want us to share more substitutes, or have any queries then feel free to write them in the below-mentioned comment box as we love to connect with our loyal readers.

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