Keep these things in mind before buying any new TV

Keep these things in mind before buying any new TV

While buying a new-age TV, understand color volume, HDR, refresh rate, HDMI connections, and HDR, otherwise, you will regret it. Buying a premium TV must be on the wish list of many of you. When it comes to buying a new TV, two things that most consumers pay attention to are the size of the TV and its price.

UHD-quality TVs are in high demand today, as consumers pay more attention to the features they need. There are some features that can help you buy a TV.

screen Size

When buying a TV, its screen size, and TV size matter a lot, but it may be that your choice and the size of your house are opposite to each other. This means the TV should be taken of the same size which can fit in your drawing room or bedroom.

Apart from this, the size of the TV also depends on the number of people in your house. If there are more people in your house, then you should take a big size TV which can fit in your seating area.


Choose a resolution that meets your need and requirement, such as 1080p, 2, 4k, and 8k. Higher resolutions mean more sharper and detailed images you get.

Color volume

This is a standard that measures a TV’s ability to produce accurate colors at all luminance levels. The higher the color volume, the better the TV can render colors. Manufacturers in the TV industry are constantly looking for ways to deliver the best picture quality in the industry.

The measurement of color volume is a way of judging a UHD TV’s ability to deliver a viewing experience, taking into account how the TV performs under different lighting conditions. Color volume matters because if a picture exceeds the peak luminance of the TV, it will appear faded, hurting the quality of the viewing experience.

Refresh rate

The number of times a picture on the screen is refreshed in a second is called the refresh rate of the TV. It is measured in Hertz. The higher the Hertz, the smoother the picture. The standard refresh rate of a TV is 60 Hz, or 60 refreshes per second, with the high range going from 120 Hz to 144 Hz.

High refresh rate TVs deliver clear visuals with minimal levels of motion blur, providing an immersive viewing experience. If you are a gamer or you like watching action movies, then a high refresh rate TV is the only thing that can take your experience to the next level.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology adds more color, brightness, and contrast to content than standard HD or UHD TVs. HDR is introduced to make whites appear whiter, blacks blacker, and other colors appear deeper. HDR produces a rich picture with depth that is lost in shadows or glare on SDR (Standard Dynamic Range).

Ports or (Connectivity Options)

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an industry-standard, all-digital interface that transmits visual and audio data between devices such as TVs, streaming media and Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles. High-quality HDMI cables usually support a high range of data transfer speeds, providing more bandwidth to enjoy 4K UHD and HDR content.

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The way the TV handles its HDMI and other connections depends on its setup. Apart from this, nowadays dual-band Wi-Fi TVs have started coming, so keep this in mind and buy only dual-band TVs.

After-sales services:

Always buy a TV from good after-sales services TVs, you can check online reviews and ensure that you are buying a reliable brand TV.

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